Monday Matters & Holiday Hullabaloo

As InstaGram kindly reminds me each day, our time before Christmas is quickly dwindling. Many of you are out there making ornaments and gingerbread houses, Christmas tree farm chopping, boasting red cups and tons of snow, last minute shopping and generally squeezing out every out of ounce Holiday cheer that can be shoved into your lives. 

Or, at least, this is what your IG feeds are showing me these days. If you will, take a look at my IG feed. You’ll find many photos directing you to the Christmas Cookie Guide Series here on the blog, but aside from that, our Christmas shenanigans have been at a bare minimum thus far. 

Decorations, or at least all that will adorn our home this year, are now out. This was finally accomplished over the weekend. Thanks to Brandon working 60+ hour weeks (ahem, Big Retail) and my work calendar not letting up at all, we’re really having to force Christmas cheer around the 510 home so far. 

Digging deeper than our busy work schedules, you’ll find a toddler who hasn’t slept in six weeks. Six. Weeks. But who’s counting? Not this zombie mom...

With another ear infection last month and some kind of respiratory funk this month, Jackson is not letting up. Pile on the terrible-two tantrums and an over-all spoiled-rotten child and we’re living on a prayer in parenting survival mode. 

In a last attempt to get to Target over the weekend, I was shocked at how well the trip went with both husband and toddler in tow. We’d just gotten back to our car, loaded in Jackson’s new big boy room bedding, buckled him in and then it happened...projectile vomit. Not once, not twice, but three times all before we could get him out of my brand new car. 

I found myself outside the car screaming WHY?! I mean really screaming it, looking up to God for some miraculous, instantaneous answer. Where was our Holiday joy? Where was our one successful outing this season? Why can’t my InstaGram feed be filled with holly jolly moments, too?

It’s a funny thing the way God moves in our lives. So far this season our home is not busting at the seams with Christmas joy. But the good news? Christmas is not here yet. Our season of Advent is still upon us and you better believe I’ll be soaking in every last ounce of reflection of the celebration of Jesus' birthday and the glory that the Christmas season brings to our weary world. 

With just nine days left before Christmas, I hope you’re starting to see the joy, peace and glory of the season move in your hearts and in your homes! Here’s to a (hopefully) vomit-free week! 

Be sure to stop by tonight for Life Created Tuesdays link party! The party goes live at 9 p.m. EST and is always filled with fabulous posts of life created. I hope you'll join us this week for the party! Other exciting things around the blog this week? I'll be finishing up our Christmas Cookie Guide with an amazing set of (free) Cookie Exchange Printables for hosting your own party, my number one cookie recipe AND a roundup of all the recipes we've shared this month! Hooray!