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In the days of parenting a toddler, finding things to fire you up is easier said than done. If you're thinking a solo trip to Target gets you fired up, then dig deeper! I'm talking about really fired up. Heart-pounding, on the edge of your seat, can't wait to see it, do it, plan it, kind of fired up.

2014. Yes, 2014 has me fired up. 

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I've babbled so much in the last week about planning out our travels and big events for 2014 that Brandon thinks I've lost my mind. But the thing is? 2014 is going to bring so much joy and I am so excited for it to unravel. In 2014, Jackson's God Father will get married to the most wonderful woman. In 2014, my mom and I will travel to Florida for our sorority's national convention. In 2014, my baby will turn three. In 2014, my sister-in-love will get married as I stand beside her as her matron of honor. Brandon and I will celebrate six years of marriage. 

Y'all, my heart is full and tears are swelling just typing out these amazing events for the year. But beneath all that giddiness is real life. It's a toddler who's decided he must sleep with mom and dad. It's a husband who's come down with the sickies. It's a work schedule that just won't simmer down despite your rockin' efficiency ;) Life is no simple thing no matter how many planners and printables grace our desks. 

In the course of jump-starting my goal setting for 2014, I've created a pin board just for the things that fire my up in 2014. Hop over to find my Make Things Happen in 2014 board on Pinterest! I've begun to collect pinable gems that are setting my spirit on fire and settling my heart in His plan. 

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Along with intentional goal setting, I'm excited to begin the Fresh Start plan with the She Reads Truth community. Committing myself to daily devotionals and time to be still last year changed my heart in big big ways. So, you can be certain I'm not going to miss out on this series. 

I keep coming back to being intentional with this year and the time He's given us with a fresh start in 2014. What's got you fired up? I'd love to hear about your 2014 plans and goals in the comments!


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