My Greatest Goal, My Biggest Fear

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Really? What would it be? Take a deep breath and write it down.

It's kind of a liberating exercise. Am I right?! Sheryl Sandberg presented this question during her presentation at BlogHer last Summer, and in every moment since then, that one question has stuck to my soul.

You see, in that moment as she presented 1,000+ women with this question of fear, I felt as though she was speaking directly to me. In that moment I had no doubt, no second thoughts or hesitations as to my answer. And so, I jotted it down as quickly as possible before any anxieties could come creeping in.

There it was in ink. What I'd do if I wasn't afraid. To this day, six months later, I still reference my page of notes where I've jotted down my answer. Truth be told it is my greatest goal for myself in 2014 and in the years to come.

I've shared my word for the year, Intentional, and a bit about what fires me up, but what I haven't shared is my greatest goal. This isn't a goal achieved over a few months, not even a year. No, this goal is a bigger 5-year plan type of goal.

As I near scratching off year two of this plan in March, my heart is feeling an overwhelming amount of emotion. Sure some days such a great goal is intimidating, but I'm trying to remain founded in His word and guided in my faith for His plan.

I've never felt so intent to drive myself towards a goal than after answering this one little question.

So then, that brings me back to it, what would you do if you weren't afraid?