Five on Friday - Snowed In Edition


Our scene this week: Coffe & Crayons. Oh, and lots of snow.


To think, our "Famously Hot" town saw snow just two weeks ago and again this Monday all the chatter was about a "wintry mix" that'd hit our area this week. By Monday night, Jim Cantore (who I now know is some infamous weather man) had set up camp in our city. This was apparently sign #1 of our impending icecapades.

As in true Southern fashion, we shut everything down when it comes to even the slightest flurry of a forecast. But this time my friends? It was an eery kind of trip to the grocery for bread, milk and water. Who are we kidding I got diapers, wine and pizza. The point is, the amount of additionally stocked water and bread spoke volumes alone.


Snow v. Ice

Ah, the great debate. You see, our "snow" in South Carolina often involves mainly ice. This time we saw mainly frozen rain. Frozen rain like I'd never seen before! The tiniest of pellets that packed down like snow but busted apart into a million dippin-dot type pieces when played with.

The few hours of actual snow? Pure bliss. Gah, how I love the snow in all its beautiful glory.


The FOUR snow days we've had this week did at least give me time to complete our Valentine's Day gifts for Jackson's friends and teachers. Now...if only they'd go back to school. More Valentine's Day details coming later this afternoon :)


From my little snowed-in family to yours, I hope you've all stayed warm and safe this week. I hope the sun is shining down on your frozen streets and that you're able to sneak in a date night with your special someone. Happy Valentine's Day!

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