SC Snow Day - Jackson's First Snow!

The buzz around town Monday morning was an impending snow storm. It'd been three years since our last snow and this news had me feeling so ambivalent. My deadline schedule was serious this week, but it'd be Jackson's first snow! His! First! Snow! In true fashion, our state government and public schools had announced Tuesday shutdowns by the time I picked Jackson up from school Monday.

Snow Days!

I had us hunkered down with most of the snow day essentials and excited about the snow they were calling for by noon. Well, by 10 a.m. the sun was still shining and I was itching to get out. I packed us up for a quick trip to the super market.

Hitting the grocery just before a snow storm (I use that term lightly) is basically a requirement in our city. While everyone else scurried in for bread and milk, I stocked up on sausage, biscuits and extra butter for a hearty breakfast and some snow day baking :)

Worried the storm would hit, I got us quickly back home. We turned on Frozen, fired up the gas logs and cuddled in to wait for the snow.

We waited. And waited. And waited. And waited.

We watched Frozen so many times Jackson not only grasped the idea of snow but could not wait! I'll have you know those flurries didn't begin until ten minutes after we tucked him in Tuesday night.

Thankfully though, he did wake up to a winter wonderland. Praise the Lord!

It's a special day in South Carolina when the snow flurries begin to stick to the grass then the side walks and streets. It's a rare occurrence we ring in a snow day, as I said this is our first in three years. The last time we had a single flurry, I was pregnant with J. That seems like ages ago.

The time Jackson actually wanted to spend in the snow was minimal but so special. As a Carolina girl, my heart gets so excited about a snow day. I'm also thankful that our snow stays just days so that normal life can resume quickly.

Jackson's first snow day is officially in the book! Hooray! Hope you've all stayed safe and happy in whatever weather you saw this week!

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