Surrendering My Heart

This time last year as I prepared for the Lent season, I challenged myself and my family to seeking a church home in our community. To be honest, it didn't happen. We didn't get ourselves into a church but once during this time and it's not one we've returned to.

That's not to say that last year's Lent season was lost on me. No, that's far from the reality. What happened last year was just the spark that began a year-long journey of bringing myself and my family closer to Jesus and to finding a church home.

March is a big month for me. Not only as Christian who observes the Lenten season, but also as a mom who celebrates her child's birthday and a paralegal who marks two years this month with her firm. 

We endured the terrible-two's with Jackson this year. It was a test that Brandon and I have weathered and I think are coming out stronger. While in the grit of things parenting may have presented many tests this year, it was my job as a paralegal that brought me closer to God than ever before. 

Like many people keep a Bible in their side tables, I keep the South Carolina state court rules. These are the laws of my work day. The words that stitch together the every action I'm able to take in my job, that my attorneys can take within their's and gives us a sense of how our judiciary can act in return. 

In the last two years as a paralegal, working within our state's highest courts, my eyes have been open, my heart has been tested and these laws in our state have taught me just how much I need the laws of our Bible. 

You are my hiding place and my shield, I hope in your word. - Psalm 119:114

Many days, many people spoke to me as though God wasn't taking hand in what happened this year. What happened this year is that one of our cases went wild both within the law and the media. And while my job creates a necessary confidentiality, it means that no one except the legal teams will really know the actual facts and just how big God was in this year. 

There are four dates last year specifically that I've never given myself, my soul, my spirit, my heart, my absolute everything to God so much. Every bit of trust and faith I have has been lifted this year and He has walked with us for certain. Our prayers weren't answered quite how we'd requested but it's eternally clear to me that He did big things this year in the hearts of many involved.

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Now as we begin another Lent season, I'm a mess. My heart is just so thankful. Spending time with His word this year has shifted my very core. This season, I'll be seeking Him more, spending more time with His word and the Gospel. I'll be talking with Brandon about how we can commit ourselves more to glorifying Him through our family and a big part of that is getting involved with the church we've been attending. 
Your testimonies are my heritage forever, for they are the joy of my heart. - Psalm 119:111
This has and will always be one of my most cherished times of the year! If you observe Lent, I'd love to hear what this season looks like for you in the comments!

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