Easter Candy Pie Recipe

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Treat the adults this season to an Easter Candy Pie filled with Milky Way Simply Caramel BITES and other scrumptious goodies. Be sure to read through the post for some awesome coupons! Now, onto the dessert details!

Easter Candy Pie #EatMoreBites #shop #cbias

It’s no secret I love a good dessert, especially one that features chocolate. With Easter quickly approaching and the candy aisles filling with all things pastel and bunnies, I couldn’t help but think adults completely get jipped on Easter.

I mean, the kids get an entire basket chock full of chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and sugar-coated marshmallows galore. Meanwhile, mom and dad are in the corner doing their best to sneak any spare candy before the kids notice their missing candy.

Well, friends, I bring you good news today in the form of an Easter Candy Pie. This pie, featuring Milky Way Simply Caramel BITES, is the ideal answer to our candy problems! Starting with a basic chocolate crust and building on it layer by layer, you’ll no longer need to steal those goodies from the kids’ Easter baskets.

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

Head to your local Walmart and b-line it for the candy aisle. Oh, how I love this aisle. It wasn’t hard to spot these bites and in fact I had a hard time just buying two bags! Seriously, these bags are filled with UN-WRAPPED Milky Way Simply Caramel BITES and 3 Musketeer BITES.

Have you ever baked something that called for candy that comes pre-wrapped? Un-wrapping candy becomes a chore in itself before you can even get to baking. Thankfully, Mars® has cut out that chore and gets us straight to the chocolate. Hooray!

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

First up, prepare your chocolate cookie crust. If you prefer, you can buy a pre-made crust.

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

Next up, pour in those Milky Way Simply Caramel BITES. 

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

Add brownie squares along with your BITES - candy lovers tip: if you're just over the moon about candy throw in a few 3 Musketeer BITES as well!

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

Then, you’re going to cover it with a chocolate pudding and marshmallow layer, cover with foil and refrigerate for at least four hours. Yes, that’s right, you do not get to eat the pie yet! 

This is prime time for sneaking in a few taste test of those BITES, I mean come on, #EatMoreBites. You know you want to :)

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

Once the pie has set, cover with cool whip and sprinkle with Easter M&Ms - and voila!

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

As promised I'm sharing not one but two coupons for your Mars BITES! Receive $0.75 off when you by two (2) 2.83 oz. bags or $3.00 off when you buy two (2) 6 oz. bags or larger!

Easter Candy Pie Recipe #EatMoreBites #shop

Now, give your kiddo their basket of candy and head to the kitchen for your fair share of candy this Easter!

Easter Candy Pie


20 Oreos, crushed
2 Tbsp butter, melted
2 Tbsp milk

chocolate pudding (prepared as directed, 3 oz. box)
1/2 cup mini marshmallows
3/4 cup Milky Way Simply Caramel BITES 
1/3 cup chopped brownies (either store-bought or homemade)

2 cups Cool Whip
M&M's for topping


Heat oven to 350. 
1. Mix Oreos and melted butter together and press into a 9-inch pie plate. Bake 5 minutes. Remove from oven and cool on wire rack.
2. Layer crust with Milky Way Simply Caramel BITES and brownie bites.
3. Mix prepared chocolate pudding and marshmallows then spread over layers. Cover pie and refrigerate for at least four hours. 
4. When ready to serve top pie with Cool Whip and M&Ms. Serve cold.

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