The Thing About Having a Two-Year-Old

I have literally been chasing time over the last 359 days in the form of a three-foot, thirty-pound toddler. The saying goes "time flies when you become a parent." I bet all you mama’s of toddlers are nodding your heads. Infancy goes quickly, don’t get me wrong, but this toddler thing? Well, I’ve been so busy chasing him around that time has breezed right by me and now I look to the last few days of having a two-year-old.

Age two has been such a building block for Jackson in his development and for us as parents. Much of the small details of the year haven’t been documented here on the old blog. Hell, last week I realized Christmas has still not made it to the blog. As stated above, we’ve literally been chasing time in the form of a two-year-old. People talk about "those kids" who just never stop. Jackson is one of those kids. Is it toddlerhood? Is it ADHD? Is it sheer payback for how Brandon and I ran our moms ragged? Perhaps it’s a bit of all of these things.

As tiring as age two has been, it’s simultaneously been a whirlwind of love and laughter. Because just as you want to pull out your hair, throw your toddler on the front yard with a sign that reads "free to any home," and pour a gallon-size glass of wine, that same toddler who’s created this turmoil turns to you with angel eyes, a whispered I love you Mama and all is right with the world again. That is, you know, for at least one minute until the next world-ending tantrum begins over not being allowed ice cream for breakfast.

The terrible-two’s are no myth, my friends.

However, what most people overlook in the fog of this year is all that love those toddlers begin to display. So much love. Jackson continually comes to me out of the blue with a kiss and hug. He’ll bring me a flower. He’ll come hold my hand or better yet, pat my head. These little actions affirm that despite the tears by all parties, we’re doing something good, something right and lasting and beautiful with this gift from God.

The chronic ear infections that plagued our first (and second) year of parenting pale in comparison to parenting through age two. I have had more "come to Jesus" talks with my child and my husband than I care to admit. I have had more bad days than I’d like to confess to. I have had more deep breathes and quick-to-anger moments than I’d prefer to have allowed. But I have also seen my child learn his alphabet, learn to count and sing and dance. I’ve had the opportunity to watch his little world grow ten fold in the last year. What he once never noticed is now worth a million questions.

His inquisitive mind may never stop, and while I may tire from answering so many why’s and how’s and how come’s, I will never tire of watching his little mind grow.

So, while many of the little details of Jackson in age two may not be documented on this blog they have certainly made an imprint on my heart and within our family.

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  1. Joys and tears, joys and tears explain toddlerhood :)

  2. oh yes indeed. we are in that phase right now. back & forth. Good gravy it is maddening. LOL

  3. The terrible 2's are rough and the 3's haven't been any easier for us. I have one of those boys that NEVER stop. I say all the time that he's my little handful. I'm certain 3 out of 5 days I'm ready to pull out my hair due to him but like you said, they CAN be so sweet and it just melts your heart. I guess it's just a season of parenting we are in.

  4. It does pass - I promise! Then they go to school and become insufferable little know it alls whose teacher knows everything and you know nothing, then pre teen when they think they can DO anything, then teenagers when everything is too much trouble and they are all "whatever" and "why do I have to do everything?", then they leave and go off to college/Uni and you have to watch Downton Abbey by yourself!
    And sprinkled lightly between all this angst are lovely hugs and sweet thoughtful moments and funny moments when you laugh together till you cry and you know deep down your kids are just the best thing EVER!

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