A Week Past Three

J Bird, 

March 23, 2014 you turned three. Three whole years. It feels like you've been part of us forever and at the same time like we're just getting going on this journey with you. You keep up us going at all times in a fashion that leaves our hearts full and our exhaustion levels high. 

So many moments in the last year you challenged us, tested us. You, my son, are such a reflection of both your Dad and myself. We are praying for lots of patience and guidance in raising you up to be a decent human being, dare I say a Southern Gentleman. I won't lie, in some moments last year it seems like we had a long way to go. And then, in others we saw such affirmation of the great kid you're growing up to be. 

You're a goofball, a singer, a dancer, a dog-lover and future athlete. You love all things - like all!the!things! Your world has grown so much in the last year. Anything your eyes can spot is an adventure, a series of questions and a new perspective of this world for me and your Dad. 

J, your sweet, stubborn personality is blooming into such an amazing big boy.

Happy birthday baby, to the moon and back, all our love. 



Dude, you turned three yesterday and I can't help but be excited over the little man you've grown into over the past few months. You're full of energy and full of questions. You're always asking me "why dad?" or "what's that dad?" and of course "what you doing dad?". It's ok, I'm totally cool with the things you say and do are priceless. I can't help but love you more each time we say goodnight. Now if only your mom and I can just get you to stay in your bed all night...

Love you more each day bud,

Pediatric Update: At your 3-year-old checkup with Dr. Taylor you were a rock star. You had your finger pricked, you had your blood pressure taken and even peed in a cup - which FYI you thought was awesome. Your height and weight are both right on target at the 50th percentile thanks to a recent growth spirt. You are flying through developmental milestones and are even singing us the months of the year. Essentially, you're growing like a weed and packing new info into that blooming mind. We are so proud of you!

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