Mornings with #QuakerShakes

This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I often tell people that mornings as a parent are more of a marathon than a sprint. Each morning hits in a phase much like what I'd imagine would be something similar to how a runner would mentally prepare for and execute a marathon.

My favorite point in the morning marathon? That moment I've clocked in at work, taken a deep breath, brewed my coffee and bring a bit of breakfast to my desk. It's those first ten minutes of the work day, I take slow and allow myself a bit of breathing room, praying room and a few minutes savor breakfast.

Mornings with #QuakerShakes #sponsored

When Quaker contacted me about their newest breakfast option, I was a pretty excited. They're now offering Quaker Breakfast Shakes in three flavors - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I've always been a fan of a morning shake.

For the sake of convenience, it doesn't get much better. BUT THEN, Quaker went and made these shakes packed with whole grains and protein to fuel you for the rest of your day. Yes, please.

Mornings with #QuakerShakes #sponsored

The taste of a shake can be hard for some brands to get right, but Quaker has outdone themselves. The chocolate shake may as well be chocolate milk and the strawberry is my official new favorite strawberry drink!

Mornings with #QuakerShakes #sponsored

How are you fueling your morning marathons?

Hop over to my Morning Ideas for Parent's Pinterest Board for more tips and tricks for making it through the morning, and do yourself a favor by grabbing a $2.00 coupon before picking up your Quaker Shakes. :)

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