Real Grandma's Garlic Cheese Grits

The thing about sharing recipes on this blog isn't just to fill our Pinterest boards or to just tease your tastebuds. No, it's so much more than that. Really, it's all about family. Much Southern tradition revolves around family and what better way to bring people together than over a warm meal. 

Each Thursday for more years than I've been alive, my Grandmother has cooked dinner for the whole family. As in, her children all of their children (around 14 people) every week with the exception of about one to two weeks a year. Friends and neighbors? Always welcome as well. 

Every Monday? I look forward to Thursday. One night a week I don't have to meal plan. I don't have to do dishes or chase the toddler while I cook. I just show up, chat with the family, and am served dinner and dessert. It's kind of the best. 

It doesn't hurt that I love my grandmother's cooking. Don't we all? You know, not mine per se, but grandmothers in general. Their's something so special about having their handmade dishes from the recipes handed down through generations, stashed away in their best-of recipes. 

These Garlic Cheese Grits are one of my all time favorite recipes. This recipe comes to me via my Grandmother's handwritten recipe via my Great-Grandmother, or as we fondly referred to her, Real Grandma.

Talk about a classic Southern recipe that every woman needs in her bundle of go-to dishes. These grits can be served along side breakfast, lunch or dinner. I guess, if you ask me, there's no bad time for grits! I served these up with our Easter ham last weekend and they were fabulous!

Garlic Cheese Grits


1 cup of grits
1 stick margarine
1 roll garlic cheese (if you can't find this use 8 oz. cheddar cheese and 1 tbsp garlic)
2 eggs
1 cup of milk


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
2. Bring four cups of water to a boil. Pour in 1 cup of grits and allow to boil 4-5 minutes or until done.
3. Add margarine, garlic cheese, 2 eggs and milk. Tip: put 2 eggs in measuring cup then fill with milk until it reaches the 1 cup mark.
4. Pour mixture into greased casserole dish. Bake for one hour. Serve warm.

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