The Get Fit Journey

You know how when the new year rolls around and everyone make the resolution to get in shape? Well, I am 100% on that bandwagon this year. Except, there's one catch - I'm actually holding myself accountable.

Over the last two months I've just about done a complete disappearing act from this online space. While the blog may have been a little quiet, the good news is rather than tapping at the keyboard thirty minutes a night I've been hitting the gym.

January 4 this photo graced InstaGram affirming my commitment to this Get Fit journey in 2014. You know what happened after that week of great walks/runs around the neighborhood? We had the worst winter South Carolina has seen in years. I'm talking multiple snow storms!

Staying active and battling a healthy weight is a war that's been waging a big portion of my life. Up until now I've lost battle after battle after battle. Eight weeks into my most successful weight-loss battle we found out we were expecting. And well, that ended with the cute kiddo above.

Since then? I've battled postpartum depression, a kid with chronic ear infections and seeking the balance between working mom, marriage and self-identity. Those are not small hurdles, and ultimately my Get Fit journey lacked motivation considerably.

However, my sister-in-law's upcoming nuptials have my motivation back on track.  I look back to so many milestones and have many regrets about my body image. I will not let this milestone come and go without doing something about that body image. And as I prayed over how to find the time to get active, He answered my prayers in the form of a Planet Fitness gym literally four minutes from our house.

Yep, we joined the gym. Something we couldn't fit into our budget before became feasible thanks to such a low monthly rate. I won't lie, it's been tough to carve out the time. It's required a serious change-up in our post-work and school routine, but the important thing is we're making it work.

I'm six weeks in on gym-time and tracking my food via My Fitness Pal. Thanks to a handful of people helping to hold me accountable, I'm really feeling good about my progress. The on scale victories have been slow but some-what steady. I know I'm working to burn fat but I'm also looking to build muscle - toddlers are heavy, y'all. The off-scale victories have proven more motivation as I'm down one pant size and one blouse size. Progress!

My big picture goal is a long way off, but completely doable with hard work and healthy food choices. Here's to getting fit in 2014! Are you on a journey to better weight and health this year? I'd love to follow along on your blog or IG - leave me a message or shoot me an email if you're looking for someone to encourage you on your journey - or on Instagram @theviewfrom510

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  1. I love this! I am so proud of you! You have been such. Motivation to me over these last few weeks. But you have been doing so much better than me! Lol.

  2. I'm doing the same. I joined planet fitness and go during my lunch break. It just doesn't happen otherwise. I'm also back to tracking food on my fitness pal. I'm currently craving sweets but just glanced at my count downs to my 10 year reunion and beach trip- 68 and 109 days to go. I don't need ice cream. I don't need ice cream.

  3. Good for you! I had an operation in february and I gained weight and I need to get back in gear! This is motivating me! :)

  4. Congrats, Erin! You're so strong to take on this challenge and to share it with us. Good luck -- I know that you can do it!

  5. That's awesome, Erin! I have just recently recommitted myself to losing weight. I lost 90 pounds before I had my daughter, but I have struggled ever since to lose it all again (and she's 3!). It is so very hard to find time, but your post reminded me that it IS possible, and that it's all about priorities. I blog at, but I'm pretty sporadic. :/

  6. Great Post. Good Luck

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