The Magic of a Nap

There are some moments every mother holds dear to her heart. And, I think, one we can all agree on is how angelic our children appear during sleep. Mom after mom for decades now seem to dote on the beauty of a sleeping child.

Sure all the high-fiving begins as you celebrate a victorious battle of getting said child down for their nap or night of sleep. But the heart-bursting, love-filled moments come a bit later.

Like on a quiet Saturday afternoon when your usually no-napping toddler allows you two entire hours of nap time to get work done around the house. It’s that moment you look around, check the clock and realize you’re going to have to wake him up.

Prayers are sent up right then and there because as my grandmother will tell you, never wake a sleeping baby. In my house, this 100% applies to toddlers too.

As I snuck in to check on J, to see if by some grace he really was still asleep, I came upon the ideal afternoon sun beaming on my baby. My three-year-old baby. Funny, that’s how I’ll always see him - as my baby. And so, in true mom fashion I ran for my big-girl camera because in this instance the phone just would not suffice.

I managed to snap three photos before his little eyes creased open with a side-shot that could only be inherited from his mama. Oh no. Deep breathes. I’d woken the angel. And? Well, y’all, it’s not always a pretty sight when this kid wakes from a nap. To put it nicely, he’s typically in a bit of a "mood" when he wakes from naps.

But to my surprise, that side shot turned to an ear-to-ear smile and a "whatcha doin’ ma?" Oh how I love this boy and how he calls me "ma." Not mom or mama or mommy - ma.

He proceeded to do a few somersaults on the bed and reached for a couple books that sat on my night stand. His request to read him the Curious George book which mistakenly wasn’t put away was just too sweet to deny. And then in a split second, George was tossed aside for Grover. Crazy kid.

On that spring Saturday my sleepy boy took me by surprise and woke just as angelic as he slept.

And, in a sad turn of events, I've realized in the course of writing this post my baby isn't even technically a "Toddler" anymore but a, ahem, "Pre-Schooler." Oh gracious, I think I'll hold onto the toddler title for these last few weeks leading up to starting our new pre-school this summer!

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