25 Before 27.

The nice thing about having a blog is having something documented to look back on. How often do we read this about blogging? Pretty much all!the!time! But, to be honest, I don't often go back to read my posts unless of course we're entering the new year. 

In the rare event of looking back through the last couple years of posts Friday, I happened up my 25 Before 26 post. It was in that moment I turned to my husband and realized, I am 26! In fact, I'm halfway to 27! Once that sunk in, I thought what better time than now to make my way through this list once and for all. 

1. Find a balance in contentment and aspirations.

In this season of my life, to find balance between contentment and aspirations is  to assure 
myself that coaching my kid through pooping in the potty and seeking a life outside the title "mom" is good and can be done through His grace. I think this goal will be a long-term goal, though I've made strides in this department recently.

2. Take Jackson to the beach.

We did this! The family weekend I had in mind last Memorial Day Weekend went down in the history books as a fail. No, let's call it a learning lesson. From my brother having emergency surgery to our child NOT sleeping but one hour of the night, I am holding out that this year's trip to Edisto will be more successful.

3. Embrace my quarter-life crisis.

Done and done. Post-25 hasn't been so bad after all.

4. Be better about writing thank you cards.

My Grandmother would be so disappointed - I haven't made this (or just letters in general) more of a priority. Must change this!

5. Go to a blogging conference.

BlogHer 13! I did this. And? Had the time of my life. To wrap my arms around one of my best blogging friends, Sarah, was a gift in itself. To spend three days soaking up this community with her for three days? Irreplaceable. As this year's BlogHer conference gets closer, we're both getting sentimental about not attending. 

6. Finish decorating our house.

There's been progress! (see: DIY Gallery Wall) Being a homeowner is an interesting adventure. Due to strict budgeting this is a slow but steady task. I will say the progress made is great. We've broken down the nursery which is now a "big boy room" in the guest room - one wall in there is still to be done. Jackson's bathroom has had a makeover. To top it off, Brandon has finished off a handful of awesome DIY projects for the house.

7. Complete Project PCOS.

Again, this is an ongoing item. For me Project PCOS is the continual battle against that diagnosis. My hit and miss weight-loss journey is a focus for me this year. Moving my perspective from a weight-loss goal to an overall healthier life has made all the difference thus far. 

8. Support a charity.

Need to do this!

9. Run a 5k. I'm thinking the color run.

See Answer No. 7.

10. Travel with my husband.

We did this! We traveled to Washington, D.C. for this year's inauguration and attended the SC State Society's Inaugural Ball. Such a fun experience to share with him and my family!

11. Have a day in Charleston with my mom.

Have not done this. 

12. Take a professional leap of faith.

In the works!! YAY!

13. Have a girls night with my best friend.

Haven't done this either. 

14. Be in a city I've never been to.

Last year's BlogHer Conference was held in Chicago and I was SO thankful for the chance for my first (certainly not last) trip to that city!

15. Step foot in an SEC football stadium, during a game.

Sadly, this hasn't happened. We did make it to a baseball game last year if that counts for anything.

16. Learn not to linger on my mistakes.

On big picture mistakes, I've made much progress. But in the small hour-to-hour mishaps, I still have much room for improvement. 

17. Meet a blog friend in real life.

Yes, yes and YES! I hugged on so many blog friends at BlogHer last year. To top it off, I found that one of my blog friends lives not far from me and we now grab lunch every so often (aka not enough) and attend the same church. I'm so incredibly thankful for the ladies this community has introduced me to!

18. Read at least three books.

*hangs head in shame* I've read maybe two books. I do, however, have three I'm so tempted to buy but am always so bad about finishing!

19. Build a playground in our backyard.

Still hassling the husband to get this done.

20. Visit a vineyard.

My wine-loving self has somehow NOT done this. Perhaps a trip to the Biltmore is due soon.

21. Go to a concert.

Cowboy boots, brews and Jason Aldean. As Christmas gift Brandon and I treated ourself to pretty good seats at this concert in January. Such a great night!

22. Spend a weekend away just the three of us {and maybe the dogs}.

Again, Memorial Day 2013. Such a fail. We'll retry a weekend this year, but I can promise you it won't be this one. 

23. Splurge on a beautiful purse. Not a diaper bag.

Oh how I love and loathe life on a serious budget. If I'm ever going to get our house on the market and afford that second baby (ahem, the childcare) we're dreaming of then no splurges any time soon.

24. Take too many photos.

My "big girl" camera has been a bit neglected this year, but Jackson and I are loving the iPhone camera.

25. Give it to God. All of it. The bliss, the battle, the faith. 

The Lord has done big things on my heart since making this list in 2012. Big, big things. And I'm so grateful. I'll continue to surrender it all to Him, knowing everything is made perfect in His timing. 

Now, off to work on living this list!

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