31 Day Scripture Challenge #lampandlight

It’s almost hard to remember days where I didn’t spend time in His word, but the reality of it is that those days were just over two years ago. Prior to spotting the #shereadstruth hashtag in my InstaGram feed, I spent little to no time in His word on a daily or even weekly basis. However, through the encouragement of that one little hashtag and the community that’s grown around it, I’ve found a home in my Bible (and of course the You Version app). 

To put into words how daily time in His word has changed me is tough. Mainly because on the outside life is still bustling, patience is still thin and days are still filled with obstacles, challenges and, well, sins. But if you were to take a closer look at my heart, oh how it has grown in the days since I’ve added time in the Bible to my daily activities. 

When Kristen presented the opportunity to commit myself, along with a community, to reading the Bible every day during the month of May I was a bit anxious in preparations. In coming out of Lent my mind was fizzled with all His glory. During Lent, I took on studying not one but two devotional plans. This proved to be so good to my soul during those 40 days, but I was mentally exhausted after Easter celebrations. 

With a bit of time to exhale this last week since Easter, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on more of His grace; grace that I’ve decided to seek by joining the 31 Day Scripture Challenge.

The idea is simple: spend time in your Bible for 31 days, snap a photo of it and share it socially using the hashtag #lampandlight to encourage others joining in the challenge. 

There’s no devotional plan or book you must read, just the encouragement to sit down and study His word. I’ve chosen to dedicate the next 31 days to reading through the book of Pslams and am pretty excited about it. 

If you’ve been feeling the need for something, perhaps this challenge is for you too. For more details, more encouragement hop over to Kristen’s blog, Kristen Schmucker. I hope you’ll join in on the 31 Day Scripture Challenge! If you do, leave a comment below so we can encourage each other through this month :)


  1. Our time in the Word is very similar. I had never started studying the Bible until I, too, saw the #SheReadsTruth hashtag in Instagram. I missed their very first study but I jumped right in to the next two or three and read my Bible for well over 50 days straight. I felt like I needed a mental break too to actually soak up what I had been studying...but now I'm ready to jump back in. I did Soul Detox to start my year and I so needed it. I just watched The Bible miniseries on Netflix (WATCH IT! if you haven't!) and I want to learn more about Peter, so I'm doing the SRT 1 Peter study right now. I will definitely join in but probably not IG a pic every day (something I'm working on, being more bold in walking with Christ).

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