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Seeing Jackson's sheer joy in arriving at the beach last weekend was magic. Our Memorial Day Weekend at the beach was by far more successful than last year. Jackson was spoiled by having both grandmothers join us. And, while no weekend with a 3-year-old is drama free, we had an overall great time. More photos to come once I can sneak away with my mom's camera card :)


I met Lara Casey this week! Insert every happy emoji ever! I first found Lara through InstaGram (of course) and she is continually someone who inspires me to be a better mom, wife, believer and entrepreneur. When I saw Lara was going to be in my city speaking at an small(er) event, I grabbed two tickets for me and the Hubs.


This comment Lara made has resonated with me over the last 48 hours. You see, I've been keeping a secret from y'all...I'm working on launching a paper shop featuring prints and invitations. And well, I'm jumping out of my comfort zone left and right lately, but I know that this is what He has placed on my heart. There is so, so much more to share with y'all on this topic, but I'm saving it for another day :)

Today, I just want to encourage you to get out there and DO whatever it is that is being controlled by your fear. That big, looming item on your checklist, bucket list, goal list, whatever it may be is not bigger than His plan for you. Stop letting that fear control you. It will be liberating, I promise.


Jackson Has officially moved from daycare to preschool. Cue the mama tears. The photo on the left is his first day of daycare at 10 weeks and on the right, his last day at 3 years and 2 months. He's made the move from his daycare of two years to his new pre-school better than I could've asked for. I can't lie, I was worried about this move. Heck, I'm just plain not good with change. Thankfully, Jackson is the social butterfly I always suspected he'd be.

He'll be in the 3-K Summer Program class through August and we'll move into his official first day of 3-K after summer. How this kid has grown blows my mind, and I pray that his little heart and mind will thrive in his new environment!


I have plans of strawberry patches, our first weekend at the pool and maybe even a movie in the park tonight. I can feel the sweet spirit of Summer upon us and I'm excited to live out that excitement with Jackson.

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