Cultivate Joy

Happiness is pursued by women & men, teens & adults, introverts & extroverts alike. Insecurities such as self-doubt and comparison are planted in our minds, and over the years we begin to base our happiness on external circumstances when in fact the external pursuit will never fully satisfy.
We're in a habitual chase of happiness, but in my experience this has been a fruitless endeavor. To chase, by definition, is an earnest or frenzied seeking after something desired (Merriam-Webster). And as such, the chase of happiness will create in your life a never-ending marathon.
Thankfully, though, in a slight transfer of focus our spirits can find satisfaction in cultivating joy. To cultivate, in contrast, is an improvement by labor, care or study (Merriam-Webster). Friends, what a beautiful difference this creates in how we can choose to live out our days.

In cultivating joy, we shift our chase of happiness from an outside-in pursuit to an inside-out contentment (this would be joy) which the Lord calls us to. If we sow our seed in good soil we'll see the Good News begin to take root in our life (Mark 4:20). This, friends, is where we will find our portion. This is where we cultivate our joy.
Life presents a whole lot of white noise. During a five-minute phone conference you may receive 10 new emails, acquire five new items on your to-do list, a gaggle of new Instagram photos in your feed, oh and you're preschooler has dropped his mac&cheese on the floor to which the dogs are now feasting. White noise of our generation abounds producing a need for us to be intentional about cultivating joy in things that really matter. 
We should approach our cultivation of joy much like we would a garden. Once planted in good soil, you'll require tending like a plant requires water, sunshine and weeding. Break up your fallow ground for it is time to seek the Lord, that He may come and rain righteousness upon you (Hosea 10:12). 

Cultivating joy requires daily study and care to root our hearts in the beauty & blessings of life's everyday moments.

In The Thick Of It & Exciting Changes

Friends! Hi. Hello. How's life for you?!

It seems, per my Insta account, that everyone has welcomed Fall. The weather here in South Carolina, though, is not so convincing - yet. For now, I'll continue to pull myself out of this summer and prepare mentally for all things football, pumpkin and, well, family.

My sweet blog sat a bit quiet these last few months, but that's mainly due to the exciting things we've been cooking up behind the scenes! Oh, the joyful announcements we have in store, y'all!

I leaped into this year with a sense of intention laying heavy on my heart. I knew this year was set for action in making what matters most happen. After much prayer, we've landed in a far different place than I'd expected January 1.

Where you expect to go, isn't always where you land, and oh my stars what a great blessing that can be!

In May, I jumped headfirst into the beginning stages of launching a creative company featuring print designs. Digging deep to the core of our company poured out a mission for cultivating joy in the hearts and homes of this community.

As we come out of our Summer hibernation, we're going to hit the ground running with BIG announcements:

As of THIS Friday, I'll be switching some of my social media accounts over to a new name - my new creative company shop name! HOORAY!! 

To top off that exciting announcement, NEXT MONDAY, September 15, I'll be launching a new website and blog. 

Any blogger knows that these transitions are scary, and no I don't intend to abandon this space, BUT I do hope you'll join me over at our new site, shop and blog. It's going to be an intentional space to stir the spirit into actively cultivating joy and making what matters most happen.

Fall is a season of fresh starts and as I sit in my new home office, our shop products strewn around me, I can't seem to shake the bliss. Taking this leap so far from my comfort zone has been such a joy, and I hope you'll see the heart we've put into and have backing this company.

Come back on Friday when our new social media name becomes official and be the first to get a sneak peek of our new website!

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