Outlets Of Encouragement

The saying, comparison is the thief of joy, rings so true these days. As I look around to the other women, creatives, mothers, boss ladies, etc., it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of comparison. 

I’ve been immersed in social media since journalism school. This was well before it had even been coined "social media." Blogging was just getting feet, Twitter had all of 300 members comprising of major news outlets & journalism students, and Pinterest was a distant discovery. 

In the seven years since journalism school, I’ve made a conscious decision to remain part of the social media world. But better yet, I’ve decided to make my online life mean something. That is, if I’m going to be  here in this generation of social media then I’m going to utilize it to feed my spirit not drain it.

Let’s put comparison on the sidelines and start filling up on goodness as we scroll through our social media feeds. In the last year, I’ve weeded through every last social media outlet to intentionally follow people who scatter encouragement & joy and unfollow those who don’t. 

Here are six resources to help you cultivate intentional, joy-filled social media feeds. If we're filling our white space with social media, let's be intentional about it. 

Friends, if you aren't familiar with this community I'd make some time to do that after reading this post. They host an annual conference (I'd love to attend), run a blog, online community groups and are an overall awesome ministry. I'm pointing you specifically to their new Podcast series though. Y'all, it was love at first episode. There are now TEN different podcast episodes each one filling for your spirit.

Thrive Moms Blog & Newsletter  
This group of women are such an encouragement in motherhood. Their Instagram feed is one of my favorite, but I think their greatest little gem is their newsletter. Motherhood is no easy season, and while it's a blessing it really does take a village!  
(in)courage blog and Bloom book club 
This site is relatively new to me, but it's hard not to be drawn to this community. With an active blog drenched in the Good News and a book club currently reading through Annie F. Downs' Let's All Be Brave, there's a lot to get into. 
Jess Connolly & Naptime Diaries Blog & Newsletter 
Jess Connolly has such a beautiful heart for encouraging women in their walk with Christ. Her Thursday newsletters are something I look forward to, and each and every week I savor every last word of that email.
This ministry has a special place in my heart and daily life. A group of women who originally came together through a hashtag on social media has grown into so much more. At the heart of it though, She Reads Truth is simply a place for women to be in the Word together daily. It's changed my life and relationship with the Bible. Their website offers free daily readings and this year they've launched an app for iPhone and Android users!

The Well Studio
A space specifically created for the faithful entrepreneur. YAY! Their blog and shop focus on living life well, not perfectly (but well) with a whole lot of grace. I could go on about the necessity of community in growing a company, but if you're doing that then you probably already know it's vital. 

What are your go-to outlets for encouragement online?