Goal Setting & December Goals

I began the year with an intentional goal setting spree. This wasn't just a 'let's choose some resolutions to share on Facebook' goal. This was digging deep, asking why, what didn't work, what fires me up & where do I see the end of my days. Whoosh! Talk about a game-changer, friends!
I was determined to cultivate joy in 2014, and knew it was going to take sincere effort on my part.  

Through breaking down my goals into smaller attainable steps, I've made what matters most happen this year. We're meant to live life on purpose, and if we're ever going to get to the good stuff it's going to take a little planning :)
Each month I'll be sharing my monthly goals on the blog. This is an opportunity to gain insight on setting attainable action steps & necessary white space.  AND, for us to hold one another accountable in making those big dreams happen.
Intentional time with goal setting has been huge in my mission to cultivate joy.  Your dreams don't have to be scary. Creating margin is absolutely attainable. Let's be brave together, friends.

December Goals:

  • Host a no-fuss Christmas for our family
  • Send Christmas cards to loved ones
  • Clear some clutter
  • Be present in community
  • Love on my people
  • Read along with She Reads Truth Advent plan
  • Disconnect from my phone for 2 hours every day