January Goals & The New Year Spark

Toss the confetti!  Pop the champs! Bring out the fresh planners! A new year, a fresh start!
I've had a love/hate relationship with January, but y'all this year I'm busting at the seams with January glee!
Here's the deal. We all feel this giddy, gumption, take-on-the-world hustle when January rolls around. The possibilities are endless! Endless! Our planners are a clean slate filled with only the highlight reel of birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming nuptials. The next 365 days are there just waiting for us to hustle our hearts out creating a story rich in what matters most. 
It's a pretty fabulous feeling. 
My #1 January goal? Bottle up this "January Spark" to carry throughout the year. When the 1st of every month rolls around, time for new goals and reflections, I want to tap into this spark of fresh hope.
Last week, I laid the foundation of phase one with a year in review & a word of the year. Consider Monthly Goals phase two. These exercises complement one another, allowing us to move forward with smaller, actionable steps and put to rest excess overwhelm. 
It's my hope this will be a time for us to share insight on setting and executing attainable action steps & necessary white space.  AND, for us to hold one another accountable in making those big dreams happen. Please feel free to share your goals in the comments, or share your links to your monthly goals posts :) I'd love to encourage you!

Review December Goals:

  • Business planning & vision casting for 2015 was BEYOND words and I can't wait to share details!
  • Christmas was (semi) no-fuss. As in my preschooler fussed a lot and mama had a mimosa, or two.
  • Most Christmas cards went out (giving myself a little grace on that a few that never made it to the mailbox).
  • Again with the grace, I decided to scrap a few end-of-year products we'd drafted for the shop. It just wasn't the right time. We'll revisit those ideas in the new year.
  • I so loved the She Reads Truth advent plan. Those ladies always fill me up and point me to Jesus in such a faithful manner. We started reading through book of John last week. You should join us.
  • I disconnected from my phone a lot in December. Most days my phone went OFF for a minimum of an hour or two. This is huge for me and it felt SO good to not have it attached to me! 
This is wild, y'all. I actually, kind of, rocked December's goals. This is a rare occasion, friends! I've got to say, pretty proud of myself right now!

January Goals:

  • Be intentional in checking goal list. 
  • Meaningful Bible study. 
  • Be present. 
  • Have 1 "big" family adventure.  
  • Draft of new products
  • Draft of branding project
  • Consistent scheduled blog posts.
  • See through Initiation with our Chi Omegas
  • Find a new community group at church.
  • Read 2 books. (The Best Yes and Make it Happen
  • Clear some clutter in the garage.