Coffee Date: Love With Abandon

I may have done a mental high-five to my husband when our Pastor announced we'd be studying through Ruth in January. Friends, Ruth is my favorite love story of all time. I'm fairly certain the love story with my husband is an obligated favorite, but confession: Ruth wins, hands down.
If you've not studied the book of Ruth or her story, put it on your list. Rather than spoil the details of her redemptive love story today, I'm going to share a sweet taste of the love He showers down in this book. 

Ruth was a woman not born into faith. But Ruth? Ruth finds herself under the wing of God’s providence. When life hands Ruth and her mother-in-law a seemingly raw deal, we see His plans were only just beginning to play out in their lives. This is so reflective of our everyday. Both big and little tragic moments tend to make no sense until looking back to the big-picture plan He was orchestrating.
“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. ”
— Ruth 1:16
The Lord is after our hearts, and in this moment Ruth declares that He has hers. This, friends, this is Ruth’s conversion moment, and it absolutely makes me want to do a happy dance each and every time I read this verse. Ruth isn't simply clinging to her mother-in-law in this declaration, she is clinging to the Lord. 

I find myself clinging to Him lately, too. Not just reading His word or praying routine prayers, but desperately clinging to my Savior. My heart is thirsty for Him in a new way this winter season. 

Throughout the book of Ruth we see His sovereign hand at work. Ruth steps out in faith, taking radical risks in the department of love. Love for her mother-in-law, love for her future husband and love for her Savior. 

At the top of my February goals you’ll find “love others well.” It seems simple enough, but friends if we aren’t openly receiving His love we’ll never be able to love others well. If we push Him away, if we keep grasp of control, if we refuse to fully let His love lead our lives then we’re going to miss the mark on loving others well and abiding in Him. 

He loves us relentlessly. Let us receive that love and in turn love others and Him with the same relentless abandon.