February Goals with Grace

January brought on all!the!things! And truly, I caught myself walking around the office many days mumbling "all the things." I had no words. None. Someone would ask for help and my response was simply, "all the things." 
All the emotions. All the tasks. All the calls and responsibilities and stuff! It was a lot. I knew January was going to be a marathon, but I guess I'd not done quite enough training. There were days we shared high-fives and patted ourselves on the back for a job well done, but there were days we left burnt out. And friends? When I'm feeling all!the!things! at work, it means I'm feeling all!the!things! at home too. 
My January spark got a bit out of hand and often felt like a fire. But good news, God's nearness was felt so closely along with all the emotions. He carried us in a way that we could never have done on our own, and for that I sing His praises as we enter a new month.

Review of January Goals:

  • Be intentional in checking goal list. I remembered to daily check my PowerSheets tending list 3/4 of the month. Progress! 
  • Meaningful Bible study. Y'all. I studied through the book of John last month and oh my how it's set my heart in a beautiful place just weeks before Lent. 
  • Be present. This meant disconnecting from my phone and this one is a toss up. I still have progress to make in this department, but I will say I spent more time just staring at Jackson. Memorizing his little laugh lines and snuggling on the couch after work.
  • Have 1 "big" family adventure.  
  • Draft of new products. How about draft AND launch new products! We launched six new print designs in the shop last week. Each design is a chunk of my heart, and I hope you'll hop over to the shop & grab yourself a new design :)
  • Draft of branding project. Didn't get there in January. The print design launch took more out of me than expected. It's starting this week, though. An inspiration board for this project hits the blog next week!
  • Consistent scheduled blog posts. Friends, I hope you've been reading the blog because it's beginning to fill up with heartfelt content. Blogging is a big part of what we hope to share through by Erin Creative Co. Scheduled posts went well last month and I hope to have a lot more coming in February!
  • See through Initiation with our Chi Omegas. We did it. All 125+ new members are now sisters of Chi Omega. It was exhausting and overwhelming, but as always rewarding. 
  • Find a new community group at church. Yep! Eek! Excited and nervous about this. Last semester was our first time with a community group at church and we unfortunately didn't quite get out of it what we hoped. Praying this semester will be the change and community we're looking for. See also: lots of boys for Jackson to play with in the new group!
  • Read 2 books. (The Best Yes and Make it HappenOk, I made it through one book and little progress on the other. I managed to finish the Make It Happen book. Lots of tears and laughter later, a dear friend and I are putting together a local book club to go through the book together. More news to come! I'll be amending the 2 book per month goal, but more on that in a minute. 
  • Clear some clutter in the garage. My husband likely wishes the answer to this was different, but I only made it about half-way through clearing my clutter in the garage. 

February Goals:

  • Love others well. Valentine's Day has me feeling the urge to love others well this month.
  • Schedule ahead: blog posts, social media blasts, play dates, all of it.
  • Intentionally serve my husband. AKA pick up my slack around the house.
  • Be in community: play dates, community group.
  • Launch Daily Routine coffee mug pre-orders
  • Start and finish branding for the new by Erin Creative Co. line!
  • Prep Make it Happen book club for local group.
  • Read 1 book. (finish The Best Yes)
  • Choose studies for Lent.