10 Ways To Stress Less In Your Daily Routine

The hustle is my love language. And, while I love the hustle, I aim to not let it be a synonym to "busy." Busy is a buzz word of late, one I myself use more often than I'd like. Rather than cultivate a life of busyness, I want to intentionally create a life that is full of joy.  
If I'm going to cultivate joy in our daily routine there must be a balance between the hustle and the heart. Today I'm sharing a handful of practices I use to stress less in my daily routine in order to cultivate a higher level of joy. I'd love to hear what you do in your daily routines to stress less! Leave me a shout in the comments!

Start with Gratitude

Flip the script on complaining. Every time your lips go to breathe out a complaint, pause, and rather find a point of gratitude in whatever is the fire under your complaints. Try this: grab a sheet of paper and list out the first five things that come to mind you're grateful for.


Don't just tell others you're thankful, thank Him. Instead of asking Him why or what's next, stop and lift some praise, even for the trials. Prayer is a means of communication with God, an opportunity for us to know Him more and to receive His grace. (1 John 5:14-15)

Open your Bible

Whether you do a full devotional reading or glance at the bible app to cling to just one piece of Truth, do it. We even have some lovely pieces of scripture featured in our shop that serve as daily reminders to keep rooted in joy.

Have a Dance Party and Karaoke Solo

Whatever your jam may be, turn up the tunes. Just do it. Sing loud. Dance wild. Be free.

Step Outside

That workspace you've designed specifically to get your creative juices flowing is great I'm sure, but there is no substitute for stepping outside and breathing in some fresh air.

Prioritize the to-do List

Your to-do list for the day should consist of only three tasks. To-do lists never end. Pick your top three and accept while you're a rockin' boss lady you need to remain sane. Next, tackle your most important task first thing. The hustle is ongoing, but if you knock out that vital item at the start of the day you can look back and know 'X' got done.

Remind Yourself This:

Just because something bad happened at the end of the day does not make it a bad day.

Have Accountability in Community

This can come in several forms. I have a blog BFF I chat with an a daily basis. Whether it's to chat about motherhood or run design ideas by one another, she's my go-to gal. There are also a handful of thriving communities of creatives and mothers who are looking to encourage you (Hi, our blog and social media community is one of them!). Join a facebook group or two with like-minded women. Whether you're diving into blogging, entrepreneurship or sorting out motherhood, surrounding yourself with those people who 'get it' is crucial. Your real life best friends and husband may not be those people and that's okay because really it takes a village.

Schedule in Margin

Yes, schedule it in. Likely you found my little space of the interwebs because you're a dreamer and doer. You know, one of the shakers and makers of our generation. But all that hustle will wear your spark down quickly if you don't have control over your work flow and daily routine. I work a day job and run by Erin Creative Co. That's two full time jobs, friends. To distance myself from potential burnout I schedule in two off nights per week. No work. None. I've seen serious fruit from more margin in my daily routine.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes you really do deserve that piece of chocolate you've been daydreaming about since 8 a.m. Sometimes that sweet little design in our shop you've been eyeing is just what your heart needs, and you deserve it. Sometimes it's as simple as a fresh coffee and a quick scan through your blog feed. Whatever it is, treat yourself, friend!