March Goals With Grace

February. I have so few words to share about last month. I came to my keyboard to sum up January, and found myself thankful to Him for carrying my weary soul and showing me the goodness in our days. But February? Well, I sat to work through my PowerSheets page entitled "This Month Wins" and I had to be honest with myself. Last month did not win. 
Last month, I felt distracted, worried. I was filled with self-doubt. I grasped onto control rather than surrendering all to Him. When I dug deep in reflection of February, my heart revealed a lack of trust in Him to work good in the 28 days of February. 
We saw health issues in our own home. I saw serious mental breakdowns of persons in the profession around me. And then, and then, there was the persecuted church. Such a short month. So much tragedy. Those 28 days left me anxious, worried and breathing out 'why' in place of the praise. 
I declared March 1 my fresh slate. 
The good news is the Gospel of truth teaches His mercies are new every day (Lamentations 3:22-23. Through the struggles He refines us for our good and His glory. And best of all? The good news, the best news of all - Jesus came before us. 
My PowerSheets pep talk went a little something like this: I can do this! I am worthy and equipped because He has secured our victory. He has already accomplished everything on the cross. His love has won. He has set me free. 
And so, I drafted my March monthly goals with a clean slate and new mercies in mind. 
  • Meaningful Bible study. Full surrender of those little parts of worldly life I selfishly cling to.
  • Daily disconnect: turn off phone from 8-5 at work.
  • Weekend disconnect: delete social media apps on iPhone.
  • Celebrate Jackson's fourth birthday well and with a whole lot of love.
  • Celebrate three years with my law firm and attorney team.
  • Family trip to Nashville for Spring Break, intentionally planned for days well spent.
  • Adjust and adopt a new workflow around Saturday activities. 
For me, March is about acknowledging the small moments and lifting up praise for each and every one. His praise will ever be on my lips this month. No more 'why' only 'thank you.'