Coffee Date: The Servant's Heart

If we were to sit down for coffee today, I'd be simply grateful. I see the bright glory of the Gospel as we teeter on the cusp of Easter. I couldn't escape the reminder of Easter weekend if I wanted to. Thankfully, Easter is my favorite.
I spend the weeks before Easter reflecting on the ministry Jesus lived out in the weeks leading up to that pivotal moment at Calvary. It's a revival for my spirit every year as I walk through these passages. If Christ died for me, for my sin, then what? Who am I not to turn my hands and heart open to Him in surrender?
Expectant as I entered into Lent, the eyes of my heart were opened to new direction. His direction.
I found myself somehow just slightly wandering from His path and forging my own once again. Don't we all? Yet, this Lenten season's takeaway has been consistent: drop all things, all of them, and follow Him. No questions. No contingencies. Just follow.
Jesus lived His life in obedient ministry. The mundane moments made holy through our Father. His every step was made in surrender. His every action one of a servant. 
“just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
— Matthew 20:28
The end of Lent is really just the beginning. My chains, your chains, they've all been broken. Because Jesus came with a servant heart, faithful to the Father, we can walk out with servant hearts for His continued glory. 

Where are you today, friend? Slowing down with a cup of coffee, perhaps. Stealing a few minutes before the Gospel, I hope.