Five On Friday - The Good Stuff

I want to breath in the meaningful of the seemingly mundane moments of the daily routine. I want to look to the Cross and know that because He lives I can walk free and full of joy. I want to delight in His ways and draw near to Him. 
Anyone else still reeling from the joy of Easter celebrations? Yeah. Me too. More on this and my April goals next week. That's right, my April goals are coming half-way through the month. Progress not perfection :)
Our purpose cannot depend on someone else’s yes. The only yes that matters is God’s.”
— Lara Casey
I have this awful habit of starting a book then never finishing it. I'm committing myself to reading (and finishing) at least four books this year. This number may be small to some, but I want to ensure I squeeze every ounce of grace & gumption out of each book on the list! First up? Lara Casey's Make it Happen book - find my book review and top takeaways here!
I've loved sharing my becoming a blogger series with you love the last few months, but when real life causes you to throw the editorial calendar out the window and choose present over perfect you just go with it. 
I served up grace for the blogger. Grab yourself some here

My favorite link to love this week: 3 Questions to Help you Define Success via Chatting at the Sky. Here's a little teaser: When my soul feels overwhelmed I can almost always trace it back to my trying to define success in terms of an outcome I can’t control.
I'm thrilled to pieces to have a clear direction for new products & services we'll be offering in the by Erin Creative Co. shop! My mission has always been to cultivate a life of joy and root this community, our families and brands in what matters most. Friends, I have a handful of products & services we'll be launching in the coming months to walk alongside you in sowing the seed you've received to cultivate meaningful legacies! insert happy dance [here] :)
NOW? Now I'm off wrap up the hustle of the work week and prepare my heart for a social media free weekend hopefully filled with belly laughs, date nights and curling up with this quarter's book!