May Monthly Goals with Grace

You'll notice that I skipped right past April goals. I left last with goals for March which centered on celebrating a handful of milestones and personal happenings well, and that's just what I did.
I spent time the first week of April unplugged from social media and plugged into a little spring break vacation with my family. In this time, the rhythm to my daily routine finally found a refreshed beat. My PowerSheets brought me to the 'Refresh' section gently leading me to a genuine reflection of 2015's first quarter. I found a renewed heart in the rare quiet of this season. 
April's goals began to mesh with my quarterly refresh and as fate would have it never made it to the blog. I'll plan to share a bit more on my first quarter reflection and those April goals, but for now let's just jump to May goals. 

This last month, I felt still before Him, refueled by His presence. My biggest challenges were getting ahead of my calendar and stabilizing my new workflow. 
I did more doing, trusting, seeking, seeing the blessings. I learned that even delighting in the Lord takes purposeful focus in the chaos of the daily routine. 

This month, I was grateful He lead the way, loving me in His constant presence. Next month I will focus on delighting in Him. I'll steady myself in a new workflow and make the most of the fringe hours of my days. I will continue to remind myself progress not perfection, and saturate my spirit in His word.
Monthly Goals:
  1. get ahead of blog editorial calendar
  2. delight in Him
  3. have a family adventure
  4. finish reading Do Over 
Weekly Goals:
  1. schedule weekly workflow with specific time limits every Sunday
  2. disconnect from phone
  3. date night
Daily Goals:
  1. devotion/prayer
  2. find joy and take note of the happy moments every night
  3. check goals
Simple and sweet this month. I'm taking on just a few specific goals this month to ensure I'll make purposeful progress on these items. Friends, I'm bursting with joy to start sharing sneak peeks of our newest product. It's a big piece of my heart for cultivating joy in the daily routine, and I pray it will walk with you to make much of Jesus.
It's going to be a great month! 
How are your monthly goals? Share them in the comments or leave the link to your monthly goal blog posts!