June Goals with Grace

The best plans, I've found, are the ones we never plan for. That seems to be how May went. Looking back at my May goals with grace, I'm humbled. The Lord did good things in May. I wanted to keep things simple which was good because we saw quite the shake-up in our daily routine in May. 
I tend to be the visionary for our family. The dreamer and planner who sees the many possibilities ahead. My husband stands as my biggest fan and encourager in chasing big dreams for our family. But in May? In May, I laid down my big dreams to lift those of my husband. We set everything aside and hustled for one of his big dreams. 
My biggest takeaway from May: God is good. God is good to me. God is good at being God. 
And with that, I continue to surrender my life to His will because, friend, His way is so much better. When I rest on the standards of our culture, I drown in a sea of unrighteous expectations. But when I look to the Lord, I'm assured that good is being done to bring glory to His name.
Though things won't happen in my time or according to my goals each month, I know He's planned good works for me and so I press on. I lean in to new paths and a revived spirit.

This last month, I felt a revival in my heart and in our home. The biggest challenges were bending my will to His will. I do this again and again. I lay it down but catch myself later trying to make things go my way instead of His. Despite this challenge, I went before Him and laid it all down again and again. His plan > My plan - it's just that simple. 
I had less self-doubting which made more time to delight in the mighty power of God to move in our story. I learned to pray big prayers, specific prayers and that no matter what He is good. This last month, I'm overcome with gratitude for His sovereign hand. 
This next month I want to make a fruitful summer happen for myself, my family and this creative company.
In similar fashion, I'm pruning my goals to leave plenty of margin for Him to move. 
Monthly Goals:
  • Business Batch Day (update all expense spreadsheets)
  • Finish re-doing our back deck & host friends for dinner and a play date
  • Be wild and free in Him
Weekly Goals:
  • Be adventurous with Jackson
  • Intentional time getting healthy & fit (aka complete 21 day fix)
Daily Goals:
  • 10-minute tidy up before bed
  • Hydrate
  • Prayer and Devotion