How to Thrive in Survival Mode

I was once guilty of living my days in a not-so-joyful survival mode. I hustled through the to-do list on auto-pilot crossing off the items just to collapse on the couch as soon as possible. But there's no joy in that kind of survival mode. There's no room for fruitful growth when we let the emotion of survival mode rule every waking moment.
Much of this summer has been survival mode for me. Spring was such a sweet time of rest and delighting in the Lord's hand, but summer presented a season with little margin. I thrive on margin, but when my calendar won't allow for it I have to get really intentional with how I cultivate joy in the daily routine. 
Through weathering many seasons of survival mode, I've refined my process for thriving in these seasons. Joy is still possible even in seasons of survival, friends.

These are my go-to practices of thriving in tough seasons. 

Mental Download

Grab a piece of paper, your journal, a fresh blog post and empty yourself of all the thoughts stirring in your spirit. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write. Then, read back over this sheet and bring all of these burdens, prayers, and praises before the Lord. He will hear you, friend and He's prepared to carry your load. 


Give yourself permission to accept that you're in a season of survival mode. This doesn't have to be a place of discontentment, rather a time to seek His provision in the meaningful mundane. You can thrive right here in the chaos of survival mode through the strength of the Lord. With God even an impossible season becomes possible (and joyful!)

Meditate on Scripture

Grab a moment to be still before God. When we're in a season of survival mode, nothing will quench our thirst like the Word. Though there may feel like not enough hours in the day, we should approach His word daily. God will take this time to interrupt us and re-establish our steps to His path.