Seeking Meaningful Margin In The Hustle

Margin is becoming a sweet spot in my monthly goals. I'm making room for margin because I've felt the sincere urgency to unrush my spirit. I'm a lover of the hustle, but friends the hustle moves at a pace that can quickly carry away the heart. When hours pass as minutes I find myself in great need of something more. Mainly, more of God.
The Word of God has done more to transform my joy in the daily routine than anything else. No other 'how to' post I could ever write would serve you as well as me pointing you to the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Margin, for me, isn't space in my calendar, it's space in my heart. It's where I welcome the Holy Spirit to move in me and through me. Margin is where I end and He begins. Margin is where my whole heart is realigned to the One who matters most. 

I want the work of my hands, the words of my mouth, the lives that'll fill my legacy to know not that I did good works, but that what Jesus did for us on the Cross is the greatest work ever. 
Heart in the Hustle comes from a vulnerable place for me. It's the lessons of how I made this margin for God. It's a testimony we can all share: a broken soul transformed to a redeemed daughter. 
The chains can be undone. We've been set free, friends. There's no to-do list or measure of worldly success that can cover you in shame. Rather, we're covered by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. 

The Gospel brings unending, everlasting joy.
That's the heart I want in the hustle. That's the kind of margin I want in the daily routine. I want to be closer to Him. To know Him more and to reflect His heart in the hustle.