My Simple Secrets To Cultivate Joy

Consistency is the key to cultivating joy. I've found that purposeful practices in my daily routine allow my heart to uncover more joy in the everyday. There's a balance to be found between the heart in the hustle, and it doesn't have to be profound to be meaningful. 
Make the most of the joy in this season. Below are a few simple secrets to cultivate joy in your daily routine. 

Be intentional with social media. 

If God has given you a platform, for heaven's sake, use it for His glory! This sweet truth from a friend has been a seed of joy in my story. We control the influence social media has on our daily routine. Will we take it as an opportunity to sow the seed of joy or will we walk away parched?  Choose to feed yourself with goodness as your scroll through social media feeds. 
Action Step: Set a timer for 30 minutes; it's time for some pruning! Open up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Snapchat, Periscope, and all the other things!) Weed through your social media outlets and fill it with only people and businesses that shine joy into your days. Find more on my favorite outlets of encouragement in social media here

Begin the day in Scripture. 

Scripture is the sweetest source of joy. With eyes fixed on Jesus we bring heart to the forefront of the hustle.  It takes daily surrender for spiritual growth. When we root ourselves in the truth of the Bible, we remind ourselves who He is and who we are in Him at every turn.
Action Step: Grab a set of Heart in the Hustle Scripture Cards to keep on your bedside table. Each morning before you grab your phone, grab your HITH Scripture Cards. 

Surround yourself with Truth and encouragement in Community. 

On the walls of your office, in the stream of your social media (see above), on the lock screen of your phone, in the company you keep, in the depths of your heart cover it all with joy. It's okay to need constant reminders. It's human to need reminders of joy! Scripture calls us to rejoice always (1 Thessalonians 5:16). To sow this seed well we'll need a community of accountability. 

Choose joy, every day. 

Choose joy in the desert, in the harvest, in the pruning. Shift the focus from the chase of happiness to the art of joy. Sow seeds in good soil and see the Good News take root in your life (Mark 4:20). This, friends, is where we find our portion. This is where we cultivate our joy.