Birthday Thoughts on the Eve Jackson's 6th Birthday

Sweet Baby J,

As we sat on the couch tonight watching Scooby Doo, your arm wrapped around me, it was the perfect end to your year. What a joyful milestone tomorrow will be.

This year was probably our most bittersweet yet. We weaved in and out of really hard days as God grew your personality. Your independent, caring self developed at a rate we were so unprepared for. So here's what we did, sweet boy, we laid it all at the feet of our Heavenly Father and asked Him to do His work in you. And oh my stars did He ever.

This year was not without tears and growing pains, but it also didn't lack in belly laughs, bear hugs and family stacks.

As we look to a new season tomorrow, your sixth birthday, I could not be more proud of who you're growing to be. Your little self is packed full of wit, courage, compassion and a love that wells up and overflows for your family and friends.

On the first day of Kindergarten back in August, Mrs. Jones had us write you a note on a little heart. Here's what I wrote you: God is mighty in you.

This was both something I knew as true and prayed God would plant as truth in your heart this year.

He is so mighty in you Jackson! God's power is made perfect in our weaknesses. Don't ever be afraid to embrace those weaknesses and see how greatly God will be glorified through you. I pray you never forget that! Over and over this year, I watched as you embraced the fullness of your personality and it has been my greatest joy.

Keep being who God has created you to be; don't shy away from the way He has created you. That's my prayer for you as we look to celebrate your sixth birthday.

The season ahead for our family is one of transitions and change, and you're already embracing this new season with hope and contentment. Thank you for encouraging me to love others well, to wonder at our God and trust that there is joy ahead even on the hard days.

Tomorrow we'll celebrate with your Thursday night dinner at Lady's house. Friday you have your belt test at Karate for your yellow belt. Saturday you've intentionally invited a handful of friends for Hi-Wire and pizza.

Let the celebrations begin! You are worthy of celebrating!



p.s. Thank you for still allowing this mama to call you her baby. It's good for my soul.