Rounding Out My Twenties

As I close out this decade of my life, it's been a joy to reflect on some of the big moments that shaped these years and everything in between. This decade has been such a sweet and hard journey. God has grown and transformed me in unimaginable ways. Each moment, good and bad, of the last ten years have been covered by His grace.

So here we go. In my last 10 years...

I got married to my best friend 2008. What a gift this has been. Our story isn't like most and we hit a hard season early on. Looking back God gets the glory for how He used that hard season to lay a firm foundation for the future of our relationship.

Graduated from college with a journalism degree 2009.

Added Baxter to the fam in Fall 2009.

Moved to my hometown in 2010 after finding out our family of two was growing by one.

Became a mom, March 23, 2011. Hands down one of the best days of my life - definitely of my twenties.

Bought our first home September 23, 2011. Our little home at 510 is where we'd reside until July 2017 when God made a way for us to move into a bigger place and new school zone.

Started my first post-grad job when we moved to Columbia. This job was for a season and prepared my heart for the job God had waiting. March 26, 2012 I began at La Firm B. Much of who I am has been wrung out and built up through this job. This month I'm staring down the last few weeks with one of my bossmen. Embracing the change that's ahead!

We travelled. Not as much as teenage Erin would've wanted, but still enough to get in some good memories.

To Cancun for our honeymoon.

To Vegas for an almost done with college getaway.

To Middle Tennessee more than anywhere else to see our fam. Photo above from Christmas at Opryland December 2016.

To Edisto for family beach trips.

To Disney World -twice! 2009 for Mom's birthday and 2016 for Jackson's 5th Birthday.

To D.C a few times - to celebrate Jimmy's life and ceremony at Arlington and for two inaugural balls.

To Chicago for BlogHer 2013.

To Orlando for Chi Omega's National Convention in Summer of 2014.

To Asheville for anniversary trips.

To Pawley's Island for Girl's Beach Week.

To NYC for a belated anniversary and early 30th birthday celebration.

I dedicated my life to Christ August 24, 2014. Every milestone memory above and every mundane moment in between are all the hand of God in the last ten years of my life. Even when I ran from Him in my early twenties, He pursued me. He drew me back to Himself moment by moment, day by day, year by year over the last decade.

We've celebrated birthdays. We've mourned the loss of a dear friend (Jimmy) and of some of our beloved grandparents (MeeMaw and Doc). We've laughed and cried. We've argued and made up. We've made the most of what we had and tried our best to steward it well.

What a joy the last decade has been. God has gently revealed to me who I am in Him. He's broken strongholds and pulled away chains that hindered me for so many years. He's literally taken me from darkness to light. And I know He's not done with me yet.

Here's to the next decade. May it be abundant in God's refining grace, hope and joy.