Fruitful Friday: Week 1

One of the sweet spots in 2016 was counting the fruit each night with my boys. As I leaned into asking God what gives with 2017, He reminded me of the joy we had in counting the fruit in the meaningful mundane. So, in the spirit of reclaiming joy in this season I'm going to start sharing fruit from the week.

My 2018 Powersheets and Simplified Planner are both here! Usually I wrap these up and tuck them under the Christmas tree counting them as gifts from Brandon, but this year I plan to get them messy well before 2018 arrives and I'm not sad about it!

My Dad is stateside and made a short but sweet appearance this week. 

Jackson has a belt test tonight for his orange/black-stripe belt. I love watching him grow in his skills and enjoyment at karate. 

One of the toughest transitions in our new home has been no workshop (garage) leaving no home for our many, many tools. That all changed this week when our new workshop was delivered! Think shed but residential looking. Brandon has worked diligently this week to make the shed look at home in our backyard and I'm so thankful. I cannot wait for him to get back in the rhythm of taking on projects and the joy it brings to him. 

I actually wrote! One of the things I intended to do more of this year was writing for myself. Honestly? I hadn't gotten around to this out of fear. Writing has always brought me joy but it's often the first thing to go when life gets chaotic. No more! Reclaiming joy in this season means writing for myself again.

God gifted me with discernment on my year of well. This is the best fruit of the whole week if not the month, if not the year! Praying for continued revelation as I behold His faithfulness.