New Year's Eve Survey with Jackson

Motherhood does a funny thing to your ability to fully remember your kiddos just as they are in a season. As much as you may cherish a moment, the mind doesn't always keep all the small details. So, as a fun way to get Jackson in on my year in review practices, I started this survey in 2016 (see last year's responses). It's simple, but gets him thinking about the year behind and the year ahead. 

Revelations at the Well - Part 3

So much wisdom was gleaned at the Well with my Savior this year. You can read about much of those lessons in Part 2 of this series. Today's revelation at the well has been the overarching, life-shifting lesson of them all and deserving of it's own space.

Of all the revelations, of all the lessons learned and good things bestowed on me through the year of well here's what I'm clinging to: Jesus is not just the Good Shepherd, He is my Good Shepherd.

Revelations at the Well - Part 2

Jesus went out of His way to meet the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. He took a path that culture told him to bypass; the way that wasn't socially acceptable but filled with holy purpose. Just as Jesus met the Samaritan woman that faithful day at the well, I felt His intentional, out of the way, pursuit of me this year.

Can we pause for a minute to acknowledge what a privilege it is that the Lord of Lords would seek us out to share His love, wisdom and joy?

Little by little His word revealed to me things I'd never fully known about my walk as a daughter of God and friend of Jesus.  Through the power of the Spirit, God took His word from my head to my heart to the work of my hands.

Revelations at the Well - Part 1

For a gal who delights in choosing a word of the year, 2017 threw me for a loop. My word each year helps me keep eyes focused on the call of the Lord for that year. It helps me to seek Him and to complete the good works He prepared in advance.

As He has in the last four years, God gave me a word for the 2017: well.