Revelations at the Well - Part 1

For a gal who delights in choosing a word of the year, 2017 threw me for a loop. My word each year helps me keep eyes focused on the call of the Lord for that year. It helps me to seek Him and to complete the good works He prepared in advance.

As He has in the last four years, God gave me a word for the 2017: well.
Here are my words from the last few years:
2016: wholehearted
2015: surrendered
2014: intentional
2013: inspired

But 2017 was different.

The word "Well" didn't seem to fit in this pattern. Our God isn't one we can understand fully, so I went where He was leading with open hands.

"Well" was laid on my heart after a study of John 4. In this passage we see Jesus' encounter with a Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob. This encounter was shifting things in my heart. The way Jesus engaged her, the words he spoke to her, the grace He provided to her swept me away with a fresh hope and peace. So, "Well" it would be for 2017.

Being the researcher I am, I delved into a word study on Well both through the lens of the Gospel and the lens of culture. Scripture most often portrays well as a source, a supply or fount. In culture we define well as close attention, proper manner, skill. I sought out for these definitions to collide with one another in 2017.

Winding down these last few weeks of 2017 I can share that God flipped any expectations I had for this year on it's head early on. It started in March with what I thought was a stomach bug, and may have been partially, but this sickness took on a life of its own at rapid pace.

Praise God for doctors who lean in with you when things are unclear but pain is very real. The months of March to November were spent pursuing the source of the pain and any potential treatments. This journey plagued my year.

My year of "Well" turned out to be a year of suffering.

It took a year I expected to be mundane, really, and made it one that would transform my heart in new and unexpected ways. God would teach me a whole new thing about his definition of Well that no word study could've ever revealed.

And, it's in this space of 2017 where my hope and doubts intersected with God's wisdom and mercy to remind me that He is making all things new in eternal ways.

As I wrap up 2017, I be here to reflect on the revelations I've had with Jesus as I had my own encounter with Him at the Well and how it's shifted everything.

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