Cultivate What Matters: My Word for 2018

The revelation of Jesus as my Good Shepherd shifted everything for me last year. It shifted how I know Him, how I trust Him, but mostly how I’m satisfied by Him alone.

Though 2017 was a hard year of pruning and suffering, in Christ alone it was still blessed and abundant. To dwell at the Well with my Savior is the place I'll return over and over knowing He is the wellspring of eternal life, fully satisfying to my soul.

I've prayerfully reflected on 2017, gained clarity on where I stand and unpacked what matters most to me. So where does this leave me looking toward 2018?

Cultivate What Matters: Uncovering a Word of the Year

"Experience doesn't make you wiser. Evaluated experience makes you wiser," Andy Stanley. 

I sat across from a mentor in November as she shared this nugget of wisdom with me. This encompasses so well why I spend time intentionally evaluating the year behind and what matters most to me before landing on a word or goals for the year ahead.

Before knowing where the new year will take me, I must first know where I've been (see Part 1). Intentional time spent in prayer and reflection over the last twelve months is a fruitful practice I've come to love.

Cultivate What Matters: Know Where You Are

Somewhere along the way I was introduced to Lara Casey's annual Goal Setting series. I jumped all in with her in 2013 jotting everything down in journals and some on this blog. In 2014, I began using Powersheets to more intentionally make progress on what matters most to me.

God has used this process over the last handful of years to break strongholds, build up purpose and allow me to live a surrendered life for my joy and His glory. I'm going to let you in on pieces of my 2018 Powersheets process and the goals over the next few days.