Wholehearted Finishings: February Goals

It took me a few seasons to embrace goal setting as a spiritual discipline. Through surrender, discernment and perseverance I've found a joyful rhythm in goal setting. Monthly goals, even annual goals, aren't about checking off a list rather it's about bridging the gap between professed Gospel values and practiced Gospel values.

Wholehearted Finishing is all about taking off the old self and putting on the new. Each month I breakdown my big-picture annual goals into actionable monthly, weekly and daily items. Little by little progress adds up. And in evaluating the little by little margin to see God's faithfulness is created. 

Here's what God did through my January Goals:

— Finish working through my Powersheets Prep
The first few weeks of January I prayerfully worked through the final stages of annual goal setting. I asked the Lord to unrush my heart, to lift the earthly expectation of having to finish them before too much of January passed by, to settle my heart into His rhythms of grace. In step with the Spirit, I finished this work and am expectant for what God will do through these goals. 

— Begin the Armor of God study
Next week our Community Groups start back up. It's my joy to once again be leading a group of our women in studying scripture. I made it through the first three weeks of preparing for our season. I hope to continue working ahead at this pace so I can focus on prayer and preparations for this and next seasons teachings.

— Prepare for and enjoy our family Disney World trip
Is there any happier place on earth? I really don't think so. God did a good thing during this trip. He really did unrush my heart and began to show my what it's going to look like to claim abundance in the meaningful mundane. See some thoughts of what God showed me about His love while closing out our day at Magic Kingdom here on Instagram.

—Tackle the boxes in the office
My husband checked this off our list early in January! What a blessing. There's still some items to purge and organize but the gaggle of boxes are gone! HOORAY!

—Read A Simplified Life
I only made it through the first chapter. BUT, I've put what I learned in chapter one into motion. And, I did manage to read (listen to) Church of the Small Things. Circling back to this in February.

—Spend less time on social media
I didn't do as well on this as I'd like. God is stirring something in my heart to pursue this Lenten season in reference to social media. Still processing this and praying over self-discipline when it comes to scrolling.

—Schedule and hold first budget meeting of 2018

Done and done! Even though my husband came dragging his feet we both left with fresh vision for our finances and next steps for our budget.

—Laundry Routine
One of the rhythms from A Simplified Life and Emily Ley is to do a small load of daily laundry. With just three of us that's a bit of overkill. My goal was every other day. Most of the month I stuck to this fairly well. Hoping to continue this. 

—Listen to Scripture
I've been listening to Ephesians on repeat asking God to permeate my heart and mind with the words of Paul as I go into teaching from Armor of God. Using YouVersion to listen to scripture while working has been one of the best things ever.

—Laugh more
Progress made. Joy felt.

I didn't get it done daily, but almost. This practice has helped ease my chronic pain so much. 

Raise voice less
I struggle with raising my voice and losing my temper with Jackson especially in the morning. How many times can one be asked to put their shoes on?! Little by little progress here. 

Onto February!


Abide in the Word: Read and study Ephesians
Do the things on my calendar with joy: these are the meaningful, mundane things God has called me to press into this year.
Work through organizing remaining items in office
Track spending for our February budget using Every Dollar
Prayerfully lead Women's Community Group
Read/Listen to a book

Tend to my calendar
Rhythms of homemaking
Write for myself
Less social media scrolling
Update spending at the end of each week

Listen to scripture
Pray with purpose
Water, water, water