Meet Erin

Hey, y'all, I’m Erin. Most days you can find me trying to balance it all well with an extra serving of coffee and grace. I’m most passionate about: relationships cultivated around the table, God’s grace, and the opportunity for abundant life in the meaningful margin.

Here you'll find posts to equip and encourage women to sideline fear & overwhelm to build wholehearted joy through the lens of the Gospel. I'll share resources and tools to help us gain clarity on your Gospel-based values for a life lived on purpose.

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Over the last five years God has done a deep work in my heart. Through grace-filled goal setting, digging into the Bible and surrounding myself with a community of others who seek first the Kingdom I've found the contentment of joy right here in the seemingly mundane moments of life.

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I'd love to connect with you! Email me at or find me on Instagram @theviewfrom510.